Optoma HD39Darbee Special Edition Full HD Projector Review

A Definite Crowd Pleaser

Whether you want to watch a movie marathon, have the game up on the big screen for you and your friends to enjoy or race through Ghost Valley as you play Mario Cart, whatever your favorite entertainment, the Optoma HD39Darbee can handle it all.

The multi-faceted projector is 1080p with 1.6x zoom, a contrast of 32,000:1 and sells at a price point of $1,045. The machine is quite compact and it operates on a single chip DLP. The design is sleek and modern with a matte white finish and the lens is located to the right of the body of the machine.

To the right of the machine is the input block which includes one regular v1.4a HDMI input and another that is enabled for smartphone usage (MHL). There is a mini audio jack output, a USB-A port and a 12v trigger that you can use for screen integration. The projector is also 3D compatible allowing you to sync your 3D goggles to elevate your viewing experience even further.

The projector comes with a handy remote control. The remote is brightly backlit, with easy-to-use menu navigation. However, if you happen to lose your remote every now and again like all of us do, the menu navigation can also be reached by the buttons located on top of the projector itself. There you can pull up the on-screen tabs to toggle to the settings you need.

This projector includes what Optima calls Darbee Visual Presence image processing. It produces sharper imagery as a result of its variable picture enhancements. It amplifies the colors in the images while increasing brightness and contrast for sharper images. The projector also comes with three presets already loaded: Gaming, Full-Pop, and High-Def.  It also has presets that are specific to picture: Cinema, Vivid, Game, Bright and User. There is no standard picture option but Cinema seems to be the closest to it.

The machine is quite easy to set up and the lens has an above average vertical lens shift. There is a function called color compensation that you can use when you need to project onto a wall that is not white. The projector includes several image adjustments such as color, contrast, brightness, sharpness, dynamic black and gamma.

The projector produces extremely sharp images as a result of its DLP single-chip architecture. We recommend that you keep your sharpness around 10 for best quality images that don’t result in edge emphasis. But the real star feature of this projector is its brightness. With 3500 ANSI lumens, the projector is bright enough to play high-quality images in ambient light.

It is also a good option for gamers due to its brightness and sharpness. Its gaming mode can provide a 16ms response time, which puts it up there with some of the best gaming projectors.

The machine comes integrated with a 10w speaker system, however, most users opt for using their own additional surround sound systems. While running the projector produces noise around 29dB, but that increases significantly when the projector is switched to the Bright mode setting.

In conclusion, this projector is definitely a crowd pleaser. Its bright images coupled with its compact size allow you to use it in a variety rooms and situations. Its DLP images are razor sharp, it has low input lag and is console friendly. The only drawback to the projector is its limited black level and the noise it produces when operating at full brightness mode. If you enjoy your entertainment on the big screen we would highly recommend this projector.

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