About Us

At The Lightning Guy, we are in a mission to improve your audio visual experience through cutting edge technology and modern equipment reviews. We have been offering audio visual review services to our customers on the best solutions in the market. Ours is a mission to ensure that your event and presentation is as engaging as it should by allowing you make the right decisions on the solutions that you buy. We bring our extensive expertise and experience to deliver the best equipment and presentation reviews to our customers.  


Getting the right presentation requires more than having good equipment. However, the equipment that you have plays a central role in allowing you to display your presentation. We make it our business to ensure that all our customers get what they deserve. We not only offer reviews to match various budgets but we also offer reviews on the right display design for your space.  


What we do  


We offer reviews on a variety of lighting equipment to match our customers’ needs. Some of the equipment that we offer reviews on includes home projectors and television sets among other display equipment. We are known to offer the latest technology reviews in these devices.  


We offer projector installation services reviews as well. Other than reviews on the projectors and television sets to our customers, we offer reviews on installation of the projectors for our customers. Our professionals are not just qualified and experienced to have the projector reviewed in the right way but they are also trained to train the users of the equipment on the best way to use them for the best experience.  


We offer lighting consultancy. Part of having a good display includes having the right balance of light and positioning the projector screen in the ideal lighting location. We offer consultancy on how to balance the light in the room and have the projector and projector screen located in the right place within your room through our reviews.  


For us at the Lightning Guy, we take light and display seriously so that you can do your business in the best way you know.